"Tenant Protections"

City of St. Paul, Minnesota


Ordinance 20-14 sets requirements for and restrictions on:

  • screening prospective tenants,

  • collecting security deposits and advance rent,

  • lease termination by landlords,

  • payment of relocation assistance to tenants, and

  • sale of a property.

Property owners' ability to maintain safe, peaceful and well-maintained rental housing will be fundamentally impaired. 

  • When (not if) there are "material" lease violations by tenants, or less-serious but repeated disturbances that give rise to complaints by neighbors, property owners who want to terminate leases will, in effect, be forced into court. 

    • Expenses - and delays - will soar.

    • Alleged violations/issues are likely to continue until property owners have prevailed in court.  

  • Ongoing "fallout" from some issues (e.g., noise, personal confrontations, inconsiderate visitors) will land on innocent bystanders, including: 

    • Residents of apartments in the same building; 

    • Owners/tenants in nearby condominiums and townhouses;

    • Neighbors in single-family homes next door or across the street/alley; 

    • Witnesses called to testify in court.

  • When expenses go up, so too must income (i.e., rents).


Links to proposed ordinance text:

Version 3

as of 05/13/2020




     "The most flawed element in the proposed ordinance is the 'Just Cause' provision.  As drafted, this provision would enable and protect individuals who engage in disruptive behaviors  in rental housing communities, especially those who harass - even threaten - fellow residents.  Operating properties to benefit all residents is a challenge, and this proposed provision will fundamentally impair property managers from creating and maintaining a safe, peaceful and well-maintained housing environment."

(Bill Bisanz, Real Estate Equities)


Letter of Opposition

Submitted to

City Council



City web page with:

  • History

  • Text

  • Public Comments




Legislation Text -- https://stpaul.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx




Petitions FAQ

Ramsey County Elections Office 

... for a Referendum 

     Proposed Ordinance # 20-14 is rushing into existence without sufficient input from all stakeholders.  Residential properties that provide housing to one or more "tenants" will be regulated.

Voter Registration

MN Secretary of State 

     Properties directly affected include apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes.

     If this petition is signed by ~ 6,000 registered voters before late JUNE, 2020, St. Paul's City Charter requires that the Ordinance be suspended pending the outcome of a citywide referendum (vote).

     Tenants, property owners and neighbors of affected rental housing deserve carefully-considered and balanced provisions -- before enactment of unforeseen and unintended consequences.

     Petition signers must be registered voters who live in the City of St. Paul, MN.  If you are not registered to vote, or if you have not voted in a recent election, your signature could be rejected by the City.